RoosterHR is a Technology firm that focuses on Human Resource ecosystem on demand and Open source customizations.

HR Solutions

Rooster's product line ensures the HR job is easy and can be manageable with analytics and metrics on dashboard. Our decade of experience customizing and delivering HR and CRM solutions has contributed to success of many enterprises across the globe.

Simple and Flexible

Our SaaS and custom build solutions are specially designed in order to address the most critical HR challenges for Small and Medium enterprises. Our commitment is to ensure a simple and effective way to scale up and minimize the start up time while bringing in instant return of investments.

Simplified workflow

Our SaaS and Custom build solutions come with existing workflows that handle essential functions at ease. RoosterHR's custom builds can have added or enhanced workflows as per customer needs. HCM One helps any HR in a easy step by step process outlining status and mandatory needs to be compliant with policies.

Integrated Networks

RoosterHR's SaaS solution HCMOne comes integrated with Accounting, Payroll for HR and Parser to job boards,
It also includes Background checks for Recruiting.
Our HCMOne SaaS platform has Social integration with prominent media to promote any bulletins or needs.

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RoosterHR offers holistic fully integrated SaaS solution or a custom build software for enterprises. Both solutions, are based out of our flagship solution HCM One.




HCMOne is a holistic smart workforce management solution, tailored to fit the needs of a Small Medium business to automate and be compliant on Human capital management.

HCM One manages the whole life cycle of an employee and helps an enterprise organize themselves online.


HCM One is Ideal For:

  • Organizations that strive towards optimal utilization of time & resources.
  • Enterprises that are constantly working on quality and process improvements.
  • Management that view their HR functions as an asset realizing valuable returns.
  • Companies trying to maximize mileage from limited budgets and operational constraints.
A Holistic SolutionWith just one portal, the organization can manage all essential operational functions and generate
reports / feedbacks for external payroll and accounting systems. Data that is so input can be the basis for time tracking to identify leaks; periodic project reviews & employee performance appraisal

An Expert viewpointRoosterHR has shown undivided focus on matching time & workforce productivity solutions. While many of our competitors sell products to meet a broader range of business needs, we’ve found that we can best assist operations by analyzing resource utilization, to make planned decisions on project time & cost estimations to judge their viability.

Feature RichRoosterHR recognizes that functions are almost same in most of the organization(s) across industries and it is vital to understand their affordability and usage. To cater to this, the Product & supporting services provide a high level of functional & deployment flexibility.

Futuristic thought processCommitted to constant upgradation & improvements , RoosterHR enables a team of professionals and experts to evolve and enhance HCM One there by aligning the solution with the technology future and progress.

A Solid FoundationOur software, which focuses solely on Workforce management is ‘as modern as today’, as RoosterHR keeps in constant touch with developments both in United States & India and also in the global business software market. At RoosterHR the sole focus of our team is to develop, implement and support the solutions to improve your business.

Timesheet ModuleA Timesheet Module is a method for recording the amount of an employee’s time spent on each job.
The Timesheet module automates the time tracking process. While allowing the employee to define and submit their time sheets, the supervisors can review, approve or reject.

Leave ModuleThe Leave Module automates the HR administrative tasks of recording leave and reviewing against leave policies defined in the HR system. The module provides flexibility in allowing you to define Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Travel leave etc. The Leave Module has the ability to send notifications to approving covering officers and allows you to record, track leave and view leave history

Expense ModuleThe Expense Module is a comprehensive and an user friendly module for managing and tracking employee expenses. The Module gives you an easy way to gather and organize information about all expenses like travel, accommodation, meal, entertainment and will help you organize, track and report your expenses.

Internal CommunicationMessaging is a communication channel between the peers and superiors

BenefitsDefine beneficial plans like health saving plans, Children Education plans etc. for the employee in this module
Employee can view the benefits he/she is eligible for

Organization ChartIt is a representation of organizational hierarchy and helps in escalation process of problem resolution.

File sharingIn Employee space an employee can share the files by uploading the files, view uploaded files, and view shared files, Search File and view shared and uploaded files.

Employee info managementEmployee self service is a powerful tool providing employees of the company with the ability to view relevant personal information. The functionality of this module spans through the entire system, making information available anywhere, anytime. Of course all information is subject to company defined security policy, where everyone can only view the information he/she is authorized to. By using this application, we are confidant you will benefit tremendously in terms of time and money.

ReportsThe purpose of a report is to facilitate in the business decision making process. Some reports might propose solutions for business problems or might present relevant information to assist in the problem solving process.

Mobile MessagingSpecialized mobile applications for android and blackberry which gives you complete access to all the functionalities of the application. Add leave, expense and timesheet through mobile application

Projects SchedulingProject Module comprises of customer details and the project with project activity that the customer handles. Based on which you can assign projects for the employee.

Performance ModuleThis module will facilitate the process of generating performance appraisals for employees. Create employee performance reviews and communicate your expectations effectively. Define key performance indicators for each employee.
Target and GoalsTarget and goal setting process whereby organizations can create designation/level based target and goals eventually leading up to the overall organization Target. Goals can contain various steps/activities to achieve the goals along with various parameters to measure these activities.
ConfigurationAll information related to the company is provided through the Company Info. Information related to user, project and customer information and general information’s is provided through the Lookup Info and information related to the employee details is provided through the Employee Info.



Features Benefits
Manage All essential Operational functions ·

  • A holistic solution
  • Automate and eliminate your administrative work
  • Easy to implement and operate
 Employee Information management  

  • Personal details
  • EEO compliance
  • Project allocation view
  • Education information
  • Work details
  • Payment information
  • Documents

  • Easy access to all details of candidates
  • Making information available anywhere, anytime
  • Notifications
  • Easy upload of documents and e-signature.
  • Reduction of paperwork
  • compliance


 On boarding  

  • Automated Online onboarding
  • Seamless integration with Hirelite
  • Online government forms
  • Connect through Skype, google chat etc.



  • Fast and flexible on boarding from anywhere anytime
  • Prefilled information – Government forms
  • No paperwork
  • Status tracking of onboarding of applicant


 Timesheet Module  

  • Geopositioning Time track of employees
  • Clock in /clock out
  • Alert and notifications
  • Track Billable and Non Billable assignments
  • Monitor Project and task time
  • Integration with Paychex and QuickBooks
  • Multi Project support
  • Timesheet tracking


  • Simplified time tracking
  • Automatic Mobile time tracking
  • Easy upload of documents for timesheet
  • End to end service from time tracking to invoicing  and accounting
  • Single and detailed view of all Projects
  • Performance analysis
  • Embedded workflow with approvals
  • Anywhere time tracking


 Absentee Module  

  • Record Absence and Leave
  • Online leave approval
  • Pending leave information
  • Leave information reflects on timesheet and Payroll




  • Flexible view of Leave
  • Simplified absentee management
  • Embedded approval workflow
  • Integrated view of leaves for analysis
 Expense Module  

  • Allows users to record and search expenses
  • Multiproject support
  • Multiple automated approval
  • Multiple request at a time
  • Expense categorization and tracking


  • Anytime anywhere expense tracking
  • Faster and easy way to add expense
  • Mobile expense tracking
  • Integrated with Payroll
  • Accounting workflow approval
 Internal Communication  


  • Group chat
  • Video chat
  • Phone call through system
  • Flawless internal communication
  • Better coordination and flow of information



  • Communicate benefits to employees through easy file sharing
  • Third party integrations



  • Easy communications
  • Simplified benefits monitoring
 Organization Chart  

  • Organization chart creation
  • Access hierarchy information



  • Simplified creation of organization charts
  • Easy visualization and illustration of  hierarchical relationships
 File Sharing  

  • Document sharing
  • Multiple file upload
  • Creating templates and sharing
  • E-signature
  • Identified workspace for each candidate
  • Folders and templates can be created



  • Instant Document sharing and e-signature
  • Templates creation for future reference
 Project Scheduling  

  • Multiple projects can be managed simultaneously
  • Client information is integrated with projects
  • Alignment of  tasks with resources
  • Detailed drill down of tasks and tracking
  • Project performance tracking
  • Organize and manage projects more efficiently
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • Efficient time management of Projects
  • Review resource allocation and identify impediments in project
 Performance module  

  • Performance appraisal
  • Performance KPI tracking and detailed report


  • Identify training needs in turn improved employee performance
  • Effective tool for employee appraisal
  • Identify non performing resources


 Target and goals  

  • Overall Organization targets
  • Targets at each hierarchy or department
  • Target and goal setting for each individual
  • Detailed graphs and Charts


  • High level view of organization goals
  • Alignment  of Organization goals to candidate goals
  • Detailed drill down and tracking of goals from organization level to candidate level

  • Role based report extraction
  • Overall reports for Organization department project candidate
  • Export options with CSV, XIs, XMLs
  • PDF Reports
  • Reports can be downloaded
  • Increased understanding of risks and opportunities
  • Streamlining of process through Informed decision making
Corporate Wide Shared
Optional – Scheduled Training
Parser – $.1c per resume
Space – 1G – $5 / per month

RPO Services

Recruitment process is a key function of human resource management team in any organization.It is a critical process, which includes sourcing, assessment, interviewing, and sometimes new-hire administration and orientation. It is a task that consumes the time of many dedicated resources in-house. For staffing and consulting firms it is difficult to acquire a large number of recruitment resources. By outsourcing their recruitment process many companies, including recruitment and staffing firms are reaping the advantages of faster hiring process at a lower cost. RPO lets you outsource complete or portions of your recruitment cycle and enables you to focus on your key activities like business development and planning. Offshore outsourcing of recruitment process to India cuts down recruitment cost by half. Businesses and consulting &staffing companies in US who are finding it expensive to have large teams of recruiters in-house or who cannot afford to have an elaborate infrastructure in India can now benefit from the opportunity of outsourcing their recruitment process to India through RoosterHR.

What can you outsource from your recruiting process?


Key Advantages of RPO over Regular Staffing

Recruitment process outsourcing delivers much more than regular staffing firms. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) has several advantages over regular staffing for recruitment and staffing consultancy firms in the US.

  • Complete focus with dedicated recruiters
    By outsourcing your recruitment process to RoosterHR you get dedicated recruiters for each client, while in regular staffing, one recruiter handles many clients. In regular staffing the focus is lost, as recruiters serve bigger clients better. Our recruiter can provide undivided attention to your all your clients – big or small.
  • No infrastructure requirements with outsourcing
    You can cut down on all major infrastructure cost and management by outsourcing your recruitment process. You will not need any IT/communication infrastructure, floor space, maintenance and monitoring, as we will take care of all that at our end, while you pay only for the recruiters.
  • Dedicated access to major job boards
    We provide dedicated logins to our recruiters for all major job boards such as Dice, Monster, Hot Jobs, Computer Jobs, CareerBuilder and more. You pay only for the recruiter and get the advantage of getting candidates from all job boards.
  • Whole recruiting cycle is monitored – no hassles at client’s end
    We will take care of the entire recruitment cycle starting from requirement analysis, sourcing, screening, scheduling interviews and closing, along with all required documentation. All you need to do is tell us your requirements and then wait for the final results.
  • Cost effective
    In regular staffing, you invest in salary, incentives, overheads, infrastructure cost and more. By outsourcing recruiting functions to RoosterHR, all you need to pay is a fixed monthly retainer fees (which is lesser than the salary of one in-house recruiter) along with a negligible commission. You can reduce up to 50% of your cost by offshore outsourcing.

RPO HR Process

RPO Features

RPO Benefits

RPO Solutions

Rooster HR’s Process

Snapshot of RoosterHR’s RPO process :


Process for RoosterHR’s out sourced recruitment team is well defined
RoosterHR’s recruitment process outsourcing team is trained to identify and match qualified unique candidates to the client’s requirements in a timely manner, which satisfies the client’s needs. RoosterHR’s RPO team’s responsibilities include: ‘

  • Sourcing, identifying, and qualifying unique candidates
  • Managing the interview process
  • Negotiate the most profitable but fair arrangement with the candidate or client
  • Create a positive environment where the candidate’s probability to join the project in a timely manner is very high
  • Ensure all administrative duties such as paperwork, and contract management is handled in a timely and accurate manner
  • Build relationships with client peer and hiring management
  • Adhere to all state and federal laws and regulations
  • Maintain a positive relationship with placed candidates

RPO Features

RoosterHR has 10+ years of experience in providing recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services to various staffing and consulting companies across the US and Canada. We have partnerships with top software companies, engineering companies, telecommunication companies, financial institutions, consultancies, and more, which enables us to offer quality recruiting services faster.

Simple and flexible RPO work models

RoosterHR offers different engagement models in both fixed price and T&M modes. We provide discounted pricing during trial period and also offer attractive volume pricing. You can take advantage of the ‘Trial, Test, Take’ facility..We offer scalable services that can expand when anticipated requirements increase.;to ramp-up fast as per client needs.We can also provide senior managers to supervise all the RPO tasks and interact with clients on regular basis.

Continuous measurement for effective RPO project delivery

RoosterHR measures the success of our recruiters based on speed of fulfillment, number of final placements in defined time period, quality of placement, adherence to the process including filling of internal database management system, and complete required paperwork.

Documentation involved in the process: Training and guides provided to our recruiters:
  • Client agreement form
  • Order form
  • Candidate
  • Interview rating scale form
  • Telephone reference checklist
  • Screening interview form
  • Candidate submittal sheet
  • Email templates
  • Telephone interview guide
  • Face-to-face interview guide
  • Visa requirement guide
  • Technical skills and ability assessment guide

Strong in-house Recruiting Central platform for managing candidate info

RoosterHR has an in-house recruitment platform that contains information about all the candidates and client projects they handle. This facilitates professional recruitment process outsourcing services.

RPO Benefits

RoosterHR’s recruitment process outsourcing team is trained to follow procedures step-by-step, so that the client gets complete information regularly.

  • RoosterHR’s well defined RPO process cuts the turn-around time even further
  • Through this process the client always has full knowledge about the project status
  • They strictly follow the timelines related to the process completion
  • They have well-defined recruitment related documents to support our RPO process

Key Benefits :

  • Highly experienced recruiters trained for RPO
    RoosterHR provides a team of dedicated recruiters to our clients. Their recruiters have the required knowledge to hunt the right US resumes. The staff is trained in technical skills, domain specific details, email etiquette, cross cultural communication, sound judgment and high-tech orientation. Staff has ample experience with multiple job boards.
  • RoosterHR has a robust technology platform and infrastructure
    RoosterHR’s platform can support high capacity document storage, email management, virus blockers with 24*7 hours manned high speed internet connectivity to access job boards and access to email communication with client coordinator. They provide VOIP phones with unlimited dialing facility to our recruiters. They also set-up internet messengers to provide the client direct interaction with our recruiters.
  • Refined RPO process and strict quality parameters backed by strong documentation
    RoosterHR offers transparent processes with single point of contact and daily/weekly status reporting. Their team is trained to adhere to strict quality parameters and prepare all necessary documentation required for the process.
  • Multi-channel search approach for faster turn-around
    With weekly updates of thousands of candidate employment status and a powerful multi-channel campaign platform which makes use of the most advanced techniques in email, phone, fax and web; RoosterHR is geared up to meet any of your recruitment requirements.
    They optimize results through multi-channel recruiting that includes:
  • Passive candidate recruiting
  • Tele recruiting
  • Email recruiting
  • Job board recruiting
  • In-house applicant database
  • Referral from placed candidates
  • Job consultants
  • Internet advertising and search

RPO Solutions

RoosterHR provides tailored RPO solutions for your domain

RoosterHR specializes in providing recruitment process-outsourcing services to IT and engineering verticals. Apart from these we also have expertise in finance and marketing verticals.

Technology domains in Engineering, Finance, Sales and IT/software industries Gaining confidence in a person’s technical skills and ability is extremely important.

There are several ways you can assess an individual’s technical skills and abilities:

Subject matter experts

The RoosterHR recruiters are not required to understand all the technologies that are being used. When we are recruiting for a technology that we are unfamiliar with, we have a number of subject matter experts on staff and individuals associated with RoosterHR who provide assistance in assessing skills and abilities.

Research of technology

Most technology products have information about their functionalities and components on the web. You can get enough information to understand what the technology is used for, is it a localized or system-wide solution, it is integrated with other technologies, and companies currently using the product, etc.

Our pricing

RoosterHR is designed for Small Medium Businesses, our pricing just reflects that!

HCMOne Free
$0 / 1 – 5 users /mo Full Fledged HRMS solution One admin / HR user / 3 Employees 100 MB storage Email Support PreIntegrated Social and API’s
get started
Custom Build
$Per Scope /
By Milestones
Opensource Customizations
Scope and Analysis
Open code policy
HCMOne +
$15 / 5 users /mo
Billed Monthly
More than 5 users
All Features
RLite Add on - $4 per recruiter per month
1 GB Storage
Add on 1 GB / $4 per month
Online Support
PreIntegrated Social and API
HCMOne Free
$0 / 1 - 5 users /mo
No Bills
Full Fledged HRMS solution
One admin / HR user / 3 Employees
100 MB storage
Email Support
PreIntegrated Social and API's

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